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How to choose the right auto insurance provider at the right price

Choosing the right auto insurance provider at the right price and the right policy is a critical decision. I learned this first hand several years ago after a car accident, sitting in a hospital emergency room and, with shaking hands, calling my insurance company.

My experience plus heavy research on the topic has lead me to conclude that you can get high quality coverage at low prices, if you follow this piece of advice:

Ask lots of questions!

Price is obviously an important consideration; however, you need to understand the full picture of the price you pay.
Here are some questions to ask to be sure you are comparing apple to apples and getting the best deal:

  • What’s the monthly cost?
  • What’s the deductible?
  • What’s covered and what’s not?
  • What are the caps for coverage?
  • How much coverage do you need legally?
  • How much should you have to ensure all your assets are protected?

Other optional questions:

  • What does the company do in terms of charitable giving?
  • What are the company’s environmental policies?

If you aren’t sure of the answers after reading the company’s website, or just don’t have time to read through a full website, consider a company that provides individual consulting. A quick phone call should give you all the information you need. I strongly recommend talking to at least two or three companies before making a final decision.

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